Hip-Hop has had its share of lady’s men, from L.L. Cool J to Drake. These rappers have a unique
combination of style, charisma, looks and swagger. That when seamlessly integrated into their
lyrics, have the ability to make the ladies swoon.
Zaccheaus Jordan, a.k.a. ZiKyes, a hot young rapper from Pensacola, Florida is no exception. Born
and raised in “The Sunshine State”, ZiKyes grew up in a musical family and developed a
determination to use his considerable lyrical skills to present a positive, yet a reality outlook on
life, sidestepping the glorification of guns, drugs and the “money over everything” mentality
portrayed as the standard way of life current rappers have injected into society. “I like songs that
have meaning. I want to be a positive role model to the youth at the same time keeping it real with
current situation.”
ZiKyes inherited his love of music from his father, phenomenal music producer Eric “Big E”
Jordan and is constantly surrounded by music. His mother and grandmother write music and
commonly sing at home and church, his family is constantly encouraging him to Put God First
and to be the best at what he does.
ZiKyes is heavily influenced by legendary rappers such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Ice Cube, The
Notorious B.I.G., but states that he is most influenced by Hip-Hop Legends 2Pac and L.L. Cool J.
“I love the way they tell stories; And make every detail pop, even when making “Gangster Music” the
story board they put forth is so vivid you put yourself in there shoes and for those 3 minutes and odd
seconds you believe you are living the way the song is, even if you are not .They were Legends in
there time and it moved people. That’s what I hope to do with my music, to become a Legend in my

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