Du$k Bone-Z

Du$k Bone-Z

Du$k Bone-Z is more than just your typical everyday average rap artist from Virginia. He is a well known & respected lyrical genius & assassin with his unique diverse word play as well as his remarkably authentic diosyncratic sound. At the young age of 14 Du$k Bone-Z developed an obsessive passion for music unlike any other & began freestyling & battling all competitors suffering from few losses if any at all. Music became his sanctuary & escape from the realities he faced as a troubled, confused, lost, & curious adolescent youth.

Currently he is working on accommodating his hunger & appetite for succeeding
with what he loves to do. Working on two mixtapes & an album at the same time with his
entertainment company Lok-N-Ent; he is a force to be reckoned with & is undeniably one
of the hardest working & dedicated men to his music, family, friends, fans, & supporters
& is nothing short of an unheard legend & diamond in the rough.

Although he is in pursuit of success & uncertain as to what his future may hold;
his hard work, dedication, & determination have led him to strongly believe that his
dream may just be his destiny. & it is rumored that he will not rest until his dream has
been made his reality & his name is known as one of the illest rappers to have ever
blessed a microphone or touched a pen & pad of paper.


Coming Soon!

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Instagram:  Duskbonez
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Soundcloud: Du$k Bone-z

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